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Hello Friends of North Fork Valley Community Rights Advocates.

Picture depicting environmental justice
Environmental Justice = Clean Air, Water and Soil

We know that there is a lot of important news happening nearly daily regarding environmental justice, the energy industry, fossil fuel extraction, rights of nature, and community rights and related issues. We also agree that there needs to be more places online where people can discuss these matters safely and responsibly.

So we’ve decided to turn on our blog so we can help report this news, assisting you to keep tabs on what the heck is happening now in the news and to give your voice and opinion a place to be expressed.

I’m Robert. I’ll be blog-mastering this space for the community. Comments are turned on. Please express yourself. Moderation is turned on so please maintain a healthy, intelligent discourse.

Check back often, this conversation should be interesting. I’m calling the space: The Fountain  News Chat (until something better is offered).

We’ll see you in the forum.

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