CELDF’s Democracy School – October 18-19, 2019


CELDF’s Democracy School illuminates the objectives of our Federalist Founding Fathers to protect their own property and grant rights to corporate commerce at the expense of living beings.

Ben Price and Chad Nicholson of CELDF demonstrated how property was invented with arbitrary laws, lines on maps, and flags, and how it was protected with fences and guns.

We read the articles of the (Second) Constitution and discovered this ‘democratic’ document was all about commerce and the slave trade. Corporations received personhood status in 1883, long before women and people of color. We do not have democracy and cannot play within a regulatory framework that was written in favor of the elite. Other movements in US history were successful in changing the law, because they broke unjust law. We can do this too by confronting corporate control and state preemption on a powerful single front: people’s inalienable rights.

Participants received a 200-page notebook of historical documents, articles, and organizing materials.

Democracy School was made possible thanks to a generous grant from The Moniker Foundation and a donation from Fat City Farmers.

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